Ampolla d’Oro – Spirito Autoctono

16 Mar , 2024 - Awards and accolades

Ampolla d’Oro – Spirito Autoctono

With great joy and pride, we announce Soero’s inclusion in the prestigious “50 Top Spirits Italia” ranking. This recognition celebrates Soero’s excellence and quality, distinguishing it as one of the country’s best spirits.

But that’s not all: Soero has received the highest recognition, the Ampolla d’Oro. This award is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of Dario Olmeo, its creator, to quality and authenticity. The Ampolla d’Oro symbolizes Soero’s exceptionalism, having won over the palates of industry experts with its adherence to terroir, its taste balance, and its attention to ethics and eco-sustainability in production.

The commentary from Spirito Autoctono reflects the admiration and respect that Soero has earned in the spirits community:

Soero Gin has achieved the prestigious Ampolla d’Oro award, the highest recognition in the guide. A distinctive sign that rewards total adherence to the territory, taste balance made of authentic flavors and aromas, and deep attention to the ethics of eco-sustainability in production.

Being included in the “50 Top Spirits Italia” ranking and receiving the Ampolla d’Oro is an honor and confirmation of Soero’s success and recognizability in the Italian spirits landscape. This prestigious recognition is an encouragement to continue pursuing excellence and innovation in the world of spirits, always maintaining high standards of quality and authenticity.

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