Bar Awards 2021

16 Mar , 2024 - Awards and accolades

Bar Awards 2021

Soave company, led by Dario Olmeo, has achieved a prestigious milestone in the world of spirits with its innovative product, Soero, which has garnered top recognition in its category. This success is the result of a steadfast commitment to interpreting industry trends and offering innovative solutions to the Ho.Re.Ca. market, once again demonstrating the company’s ability to anticipate consumer needs.

Soero has clinched the top spot in this competition after careful evaluation by over a hundred industry experts from all regions of Italy. This recognition reaffirms the quality and excellence of Soero, along with its ability to stand out in the realm of spirits.

Judges considered various criteria, including market relevance, packaging, ergonomics, environmental impact, and sales prospects. These factors were carefully weighed to determine the winner, with 80% of the vote coming from industry experts and the remaining 20% from the online public.

Soero’s first-place win is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of the Soave company, led by Dario Olmeo, in creating a high-quality product that meets the demands of the current market. This success not only strengthens Soero’s position in the spirits industry but also underscores the importance of staying ahead in interpreting market changes and offering innovative, high-quality solutions.

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