Las Vegas Spirits Competition

16 Mar , 2024 - Awards and accolades

Las Vegas, with its vibrant atmosphere and reputation as the entertainment capital of the world, is also a place where excellence in the liquor and beverage industry is celebrated and rewarded. In addition to hosting some of the world’s best restaurants and chefs, Las Vegas is the stage for an extraordinary community of beverage professionals, from mixologists to sommeliers, who work to delight the palates of visitors from around the globe.

In this unique setting, the Las Vegas Spirits Competition takes place, a prestigious event that attracts the finest spirits from around the world to compete for recognition. This competition, known for its impartiality and high level of judgment, sets a benchmark for quality in the liquor industry.

In the context of this internationally renowned competition, Soero has been awarded the gold medal, a prestigious recognition that underscores its exceptional quality and excellence. Our gin, expertly crafted and characterized by a unique and refined aromatic profile, has won over the palates of the judges with its superior quality and distinctive character.

The gold medal awarded to Soero at the Las Vegas Spirits Competition is a tribute to the talent and passion of Dario Olmeo, its creator, as well as an endorsement of its leading position in the global landscape of high-quality gins. Being recognized in such a prestigious competition is an honor and a testament to Soero’s ongoing dedication to excellence and innovation in the world of spirits.

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