Los Angeles Invitational Wine & Spirits Challenge

19 Mar , 2024 - Awards and accolades

Los Angeles Invitational Wine & Spirits Challenge

Prestigious Scene in the World of Spirits: Soero Gin Wins the Silver Medal at the Los Angeles Invitational

In the dynamic world of Spirits, standing out requires art, tradition, and innovation. The Los Angeles Invitational Wine & Spirits Challenge represents the ideal stage. Born with the aim of showcasing top-tier wine and spirits producers, this competition has become essential for brands aiming to make their mark in the Southern California market, one of the country’s largest and most diverse consumer bases.

For Soero, a premium gin encapsulating the soul of Italy, participating in the Los Angeles Invitational represents authentic recognition of its excellence, savoir-faire, and deep connection with the art of gin distillation in Italy. This year, Soero has been awarded the silver medal, a recognition renowned for its rigorous evaluation process and the esteem of its panel of judges, including winemakers, distillers, sommeliers, beverage trade professionals, and media personalities.

The challenge criteria are stringent, focused on quality, uniqueness, and the ability to capture the sophisticated palates of the judges. The competition, meticulously organized by LA professionals in collaboration with wine and spirits enthusiasts, aims to highlight the best of the global spirits industry. Soero’s success in such a competitive and respected arena underscores its excellence and the growing allure of high-quality gin on an international scale.

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