Sunset Spirits Competition

16 Mar , 2024 - Awards and accolades

Sunset Spirits Competition

In the heart of California, beneath the warm sun that paints the sky red at sunset, the Sunset Spirits Competition is held annually, a prestigious event celebrating excellence in the world of spirits and alcoholic beverages. In this evocative setting, Soero has been awarded a silver medal, confirming its status as a high-quality gin

The Sunset Spirits Competition is renowned for its impartiality and attention to detail, with experienced judges carefully evaluating every aspect of the competing products. This event represents a unique opportunity for liquor producers worldwide to showcase their products under the spotlight and receive prestigious recognition.

Soero, with its unique recipe and distinctive character, captivated the judges of the Sunset Spirits Competition with its versatility and extraordinary flavor. Each sip of our gin is a sensory journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Italy, with its aromatic flavors and refined elegance. The silver medal bestowed upon Soero is further tribute to our dedication and commitment to quality and excellence. This recognition also acknowledges our ability to stand out in such a competitive field and satisfy the most discerning palates.

Beyond celebrating Soero’s success, the Sunset Spirits Competition is also an opportunity for participants to connect with other industry professionals, share ideas, and inspire one another. This event is a landmark in the world of spirits and alcoholic beverages, a place where innovation and excellence are celebrated and rewarded.

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